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CÚzanne in Florence

Published on March 9, 2007 9:27 AM | Comments

St6_mat_arbresThe new exhibit "CÚzanne in Florence" at the Palazzo Strozzi is fantastic. A strongly curated show, that is well documented (details on every work in Italian and English, plus some notes specifically for children) and has many amazing works by CÚzanne and others. The exhibit is meticulous in laying out the details of the two collectors, Egisto Paolo Fabbri and Charles Alexander Loeser, who first owned most of these paintings.

The biggest delights and surprises however for me were with the contemporary and later paintings influenced by CÚzanne. Mary Cassat, Van Gogh, Pissaro, and Matisse (to name a few) all have works in this show that were completely unexpected. The small Matisse is a very strange but powerful painting and something I can't recall ever seeing before, which is so refreshing from an artist with that much history. There is also a small room devoted to CÚzanne's influence in Tuscan painting that has some eye opening works, especially the two canvases by Giovanni Fattori. Don't miss this if you are in Florence between now and July 29, I am planning to see it again before it ends.

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